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"I want to store my genetic and health record online at a safe and secure platform.”
"I want to book health & wellness services online and earn credits & discounts.”

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Register Members on their behalf to grow this network and receive monetary benefits
GeneJunction Services


myEHR offers you a convenient and intuitive interface to record, track, collect and safely share your healthcare information. Through myEHR, you can store and access your medical and lab reports, track your vitals, manage your medication and much more.

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GeneJunction myEHR
GeneJunction Services


Browse and connect with healthcare & wellness consultants globally covering a wide range of specialities.

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GeneJunction Consult


Seekers of health and genetic data (Recipient) can search and connect with owners of information (Contributors and Healthcare partners) with their consent.

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Access our large, anonymous, global, verified Genetic and Health Database of Contributors
Healthcare Partners
Share consented patient and research data to derive research value and monetary benefits for all