Healthcare partner

A Digital Genetics and Health Data-Sharing Platform

for Hospitals, Researchers, Pathology and Radiology Centres in possession of patient and research data, and seeking to share data and derive research and monetary value

  • Share your Medical and Health Data (with Patients’ consent)
  • Create Hospital Connectivity
  • Create Research Value and Monetary Benefits for all

Connect globally with research partners

Exchange your valuable healthcare data for Research and Rewards.

As a healthcare provider or research organisation, you have information valuable not only for research but also for the benefit of your own patients or customers, or when collectively analysed or applied for scientific progress.

This information includes the database profiles of your patients and their electronic medical records (EMR), diagnostic results, imaging reports, case profiles and other investigations.

We provide you with a confidential and transparent platform to build health and monetary benefits for your organization and your customers, with their consent.

You are distinctly recognised by actively participating in the global community for research and the progress of science.

  • SAFE

Enrol your Patients and Medical Records (with consent)

We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDFA) and our policies conform to
the General Data Protection Right (GDPR) guidelines

Register Yours Patients

Simple secure online registration with automated consents to represent your Contributors. Anonymous profiles are accessible for data mining globally.

Contributors hold their personal registered account as private

Link with Researchers and Pharma Companies

Enrol in research and clinical trials by accepting link requests from various Recipients

We can assist to bring researchers to you.

Monetise your assets

Get reimbursed for successful exchange transactions

Pass benefits to Your Patients

Give monetary and health returns to your patients according to your arrangements.

Receive Acknowledgements

Pass on the benefits of research outcomes to your patients and get recognition for your quality and care of commitment to research driven work.

Create Genetic Profiles for Your Patients

Stand to get free of subsidized genetic test or profiling for your patients to improve healthcare outcomes and for long term insurance benefits.

Get Matched With A Research Partner

For Healthcare Organisations holding de-identified, anonymous and consented data and seeking Research Partners, register as our Healthcare Partner.


Post a summary description of your existing database.


Recipients shall be able to filter and search for de-identified healthcare organisations who can post a summary of their information anonymously. You can choose to reveal relevant but minimal information to Recipients as a summary


We link parties with matching interests.